Can I Get Pregnant My First Time?

This is another incredibly common question that shouldn’t be nearly as common as it is. Once again, I’ll start with the short answer first and then we’ll go a little more in depth. Yes, you absolutely can get pregnant the first time you have sex. It actually happens alarmingly often. This probably has a lot to do with the fact that there are still a great number of women out there who feel it isn’t possible. Women need to understand that this myth just couldn’t possibly be less true because failing to understand that could lead to an unwanted pregnancy very easily. Let’s take a look at this one a bit more in depth so we can make sure this myth is dispelled once and for all.

Where did this myth begin?

This is a little hard to pin down. I remember hearing this one as far back as I can remember. In fact, when one of my older cousins got pregnant at once sixteen – from her first time, I should add – I heard many people say they were shocked because, like my cousin, they didn’t believe it was possible for a woman to get pregnant the first time they have sex. By people, I don’t just mean my friends or my cousin’s friends. I mean my aunts, my uncles and even my own mother. While teaching sex ed in school has definitely started to educate more people about what is possible and what isn’t possible, I worry that not enough is being done to stop these hurtful and dangerous myths from spreading. Even today, more than ten years later, I am shocked to learn there are still a lot of young people out there who believe this one.

How did this myth spread?

Like the root of the myth, how it managed to spread is also a bit difficult to uncover. It really just spread the way so many myths do – word of mouth. One person tells one person who then tells two people and the chain continues from there. Unlike the body shutting down an unwanted pregnancy myth we discussed earlier this week. this one doesn’t have any basis in fact whatsoever so it’s hard to imagine how it has continued to be so prevalent among younger and older women alike. Even so, it was passed down from generation to generation and passed from friend to friend and continues to thrive and be believed by young women everywhere.

Why this myth is so dangerous.

The reason this myth is so dangerous should be fairly obvious. If a young woman is considering having sex for the first time and believes this myth to be true, she may choose to opt out of using any form of birth control. The problem here should be obvious. Sex without protection can lead to an unwanted pregnancy if the woman has reached sexual maturity. If you’ve had your first period, you can get pregnant. If you don’t want to get pregnant, you need to reduce the risk by using birth control. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time or your fifth time. It really is that simple.

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