Can Plan B Delay Your Period?

Here’s the scenario. You had sex with your partner and the condom broke, causing him to ejaculate inside you. You’re not ready to have kids so you decide to take Plan B. Later in the month you realize something troubling – you haven’t had your period. You start to panic. You head to the internet and type in your question: Can Plan B delay your period? Now you’re here so let’s talk.

Can Plan B Delay Your Period?

First and foremost, let me set your mind at ease. Yes, Plan B can delay your period. You next question is probably how long can Plan B delay your period. This one is a little more complicated and the answer varies from woman to woman. Before we go any further, let’s talk about why Plan B can delay your period so you can understand what’s going on with your body a little bit better.

Why Can Plan B Delay Your Period?

Taking Plan B creates a hormonal imbalance in your body. While that sounds like a bad thing, it really isn’t. Basically, Plan B contains high levels of progesterone. Progesterone is a hormone that naturally occurs in a woman’s body when she is pregnant. Progesterone slows down the ovulation process or stops it entirely which is why it occurs in such high levels while a woman is pregnant. You certainly don’t want to be ovulating while you’re already carrying a baby. When you take Plan B, you are getting a high dosage of that hormone which in effect tricks your body into thinking it’s already pregnant which stops the ovulation process. When the hormone level begins to decrease rapidly (not long after you’ve taken your medication), your body then thinks you’re no longer pregnant and begins the ovulation process all over again. This is also why some women experience bleeding or spotting after they take Plan B. Your body passes the blood rich uterine lining and bleeding may occur at this point. This is where the confusion may come in.

Because you’ve created that imbalance and the internal confusion, your period could easily be delayed after you take Plan B. Sometimes it’s just delayed by a few days. Other times, it may be delayed by a week or more. For some women, it takes two or three months for their menstrual cycle to get back on track. You would still get your period in that time, but it could be later or earlier than it normally would be. If you’ve taken Plan B, it’s a good idea to schedule an appointment with your doctor within three weeks of taking it. They’ll be able to tell you whether or not the medication has been effective much quicker than a home pregnancy test. By visiting your doctor, you’ll be able to know for sure and then you can stop worrying about when your period will come. Remember, stress can also make your period late or could cause you to skip your period entirely. If you’re stressing over a late period, you may be delaying it further. Have patience. Your cycle will get back on track. It just takes a little time.

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  1. lindsey says:

    I had sex the fith day of my cycle my period started july 23rd 2012 i had the sex july 27 2012 condom slipped off I pacnicked and was in shock I have a typical monthly cycle I took plan b within the first hour I was in hysterics it worked I took a pregnancy test a week n a half later n it came out negative about 2 weeks later on the 8th of augest I had sex with someone else though and I’m wondering if it made me more fertile because I got pregnant from tht incident on the 23rd of augest all my pregnancy tests came up with a very light positive sign lady at the clinic said it meant I was about two weeks and I got ultrasounds tht day and a couple days later and a Sac didn’t pop up so they scheduled me for september n finally saw my sac (you can see them around 18 to 23 days after conception) and I went to the place with the very best ultrasound equipment a week or two later and they said according to the equipment I had concieved the 10th of augest. Plan b worked for me and if youre gonna take it take it take it within the first couple hrs of intercourse and be very careful a week or two following I read online it can make you more fertile afterwards

  2. mark says:

    Thankyou for taking time. Reading this..well its complicated. For .me…see, on nov 26 me and my girlfriend had. Sex and we I didn’t. Had any protection but still I bought her plan b pill. (1dose) just in case..3 weeks later we had sex again but this time. The. Condom broke just a. Few seconds before “cuming” inside her, I bought her the pill again cuz I might of “cum” inside her a little…and I know the pill is bad. For you thts why. She’s never taking it again..but one. Week after she said she got her period earlier, I think because. Of the pill, but I’ve heard about implantation bleeding its been about 6. Weeks now she took two home pregnancy test and both negative..but now she’s late a week for her period…could the pill make it late?? Do you think. She’s pregnant? I’m stressing a lot about this..and she’s scared aswell..please help I will really appreciate it thanks

  3. mark says:

    Plus does plan b pill (1 dose) is effective during ovulation?

  4. love says:

    what are the chances of getting pregnant after taking the plan b pill

  5. Anibal says:

    OK this is ganna sound crazy but within a range of a week and a half my gf and i had sex 3 dfferent days within that week in a half and never used protection. Since some issues in the past i bought her plan b pills everytime we had sex. Thats 3 plan b pills within a week in a half.. ik that sounds bad but we were stressing out!! im sure i pulled out but i alwasy doubt myself.. Her period was suppose to start last weekend Jan.25-27 i guess, and we havent had sex since. Its been about two weeks since this past weekend since we’ve had sex i believe. Please help because we are both freaking out! Im guessing i pulled out, and she took 3 plan b’s within a week in a half! Is it just the pills delaying her period or could she be pregnant?? we are buying a test tomorrow and seeing but I’d like some feedback fast!

  6. minnie says:

    So I had my period the 2nd week in Nov, then a week later I had sex, Didnt use protection so I bought Next choice (which the same as plan b) two weeks later I got a period for 5 days then it stopped for ~2 days then I got another period for another 5 days. Its Feb 18 I havent had a period since and today I had bleeding but it only lasted for a second, it was red like a period not brown. Am I pregnant?

  7. minnie says:

    Oh and I took 2 pregnancy tests in the last 2 wks and both were negative.

    • mickey says:

      This is exactly what my gf and i are going through. Were you pregnant? Is something wrong with her? Please finish your story.

  8. dolores says:

    I took plan b in January 28th which was Monday and which was the third day. And right now at this point I haven’t gotten my period should I take pregnancy test? Or do you think its running late?

  9. death says:

    ok so i had s&& a while back took plan b the one pill one and i had the bleeding symptom then the next month i had my period but now this month i havent gotten it idk if im pregnant or what im freaking out so much i dont know what to do can someone help me out im stressing to much over this

  10. Jazz says:

    Me and my boyfriend have been off an on using protection because most of the condoms iiratated me alot. We had unprotected sex feb 16-18 next day I was able to get plan b , I gotten my period 2 weeks after , now we did it march 12-14th on the 14th he wasn’t sure where he had came but he was sure he pulled out in time, to be on the safe side I went out the next day 15thand got plan b one dose , I was suppose to get my period Saturday the 16th and I still haven’t gotten it , but I’ve been feeling cramps and everything like if it can come anyway, reading this gave me a little hope that I can just get it next week , but I haven’t taken any pregnancy test. Because of taking plan B the day before I was suppose to get my period would have any effect on me being late ? PLEASE help!!

  11. freaked out says:

    Took plan b around jan 27,13 and its already March 22,13 took 3 pregnancy test and all negative whats going on??!!

    • Barbiiieechox says:

      me too i drank the Plan b pill january 29 2013 it is now March 27 2013 and alll i have is one drop of blood absolutely nothig else o just sore veiny breas t i an scared all my tests were negative except the Target brand one but 4 negative tests @FreakedOut !!!!!

      • blah says:

        i took it february 24th and still haven’t had anything. PMS symptoms, but this is my second time taking it between now and november. third time taking it ever. first time, it delayed it for about a month and a half, second a little bit over that, and now it has almost been two months. NOT TO MENTION i have been really stressing out about it, which i think is making it worse, and that can be your case too. i read on another website that it can take 3 to 12 months before your progesterone and estrogen levels to send each other signals for your cycle to get back to normal…you can either face spotting, long periods, short periods, heavy periods, or missed periods. obviously the missed period is the case right now!!! need to quit stressing!

  12. Priya says:

    Hi , my husband working in abroad and having vacation yearly 24 days only, so i need adjust my menses period according to his vacation. so if i take some pills for Postpone my Menses period for 8 days is there any chance to get pregnant in the same month??

  13. Poop says:

    What do I do if we had s*x me and another male and he took the plan b pill bc I was scared that he was pregnant??? I am in so much agony right now and am stressing this so bad. My friends all told me there is a good chance he is pregnant because the pill is not very effective but I’m just trying to reach out to some of you good people. Please help.

  14. Ben says:

    My girlfriend and I had unprotected s$$ a couple of time, all spread out over a few months. She took the pill each time and about a week or so after she would get a light period for a short amount of time. A little over a week ago we had unprotected s##x again and I pulled out and everything but she took the pill 3 hours after just in case. It’s been about 10 days and she hasn’t gotten the light bleeding. Is this normal? Could she be pregnant?

  15. Kris says:

    My boyfriend and I had protected s#x Friday April 5th but as we went to change positions he noticed that he had already cum’d. I noticed by the cum dripping down from out of his condom when he stood up. Is it possible the dripping c#m could have got in me somehow (I don’t know how long it was dripping for). We checked the condom and it was not ripped. I took plan b 2 hours later just to be on the safe side. Last month I got my period on the 17th but my period is always 6 days early. It’s April 11th today and I’m freaking out! Does plan b mess up your period cycle or could I be pregnant?

  16. Riss says:

    My boyfriend an me were thinking about having s&x but he had no condom he decided to stick it on once an that was it I know you can get prego from pre cum an he didn’t ej%%cualte in me since it was just in once I took the plan b pill just in case I had my period April 4th we did this April 27 an I was suppose to have my period again on the 29th according to a calender but it’s rare I have my period twice In a month I tools the plan b the 28th so could this be why my period is late?

  17. Jen says:

    I took Plan B twice in one month – March 24 and March 26 2013. I lightly bled from April 5 – April 7. It is now May 7, 2013 and nothing – I feel like I am going insane!! I think I would have rather taken my chances getting pregnant than having to deal with the BS that Plan B puts on your menstrual cycle. I will NEVER recommend Plan B to anyone and I know that I will NEVER use Plan B again in my lifetime!!

  18. Tasha says:

    I had s#x on the 26th of April my bf said he didnt think he pulled out in time so I took the plan B pill 3 days later because I was working and wasnt to worried about it at the time I dont know why. I was supposed to get my period by the 6th of this month, still havnt got it, I took two pregnancy tests the 1st one was positive and the second one was negative, I made an appointment to go see my doctor on Monday but could it be the plan B making me late? My bo#bs are bigger but not sore

  19. Elle says:

    So me and my boyfriend had s#x while I was on my period, he came in me, I took the pill and about 4 days after I started bleeding for about the same time I normally have a period well before the pill I would have already started by now, but where I took the pill does that change when I should have my period, like did that pill set a new timing for my period?

    • RIsha says:

      May 7th I had unproctected s#x and took the one pill plan b on May 8th. My period ended on May 7th but after I took the pill it started again on May 9th or 10th. On May 15th it happened again but I could not get the pill until May 17th. Now it is June 13th and I am going to the doctor tomorrow because I am freaking out!! I took the pills to have a piece of mind and stop the dumb mistake I made by creating a child and now I am still as paranoid as if I did not take anything at all!! I will not take another Plan B pill, birth control here I come!!

  20. Dez says:

    Don’t fret ladies. I had my last period on 5-20-13 and I had sex with my ex on 6-2-13 twice unprotected ( I know). I took the plan b the next day so 24 hrs after intercourse. I was panicking when my period did not come on around my expected time. I assume plan b set my period back a week later after the date I was suppose to start. I started spotting last night and woke up to good ol aunt flow this morning. I am cramping really bad and having an unusually heavy flow but I am not pregnant so I guess it worked! Don’t stress I read reports of even taking the pill 3-5 days after intercourse can prevent pregnancy so don’t fret ladies take the pill and just go about regular life.

  21. Nicole says:

    I took plan b on the third day after unprotected s#x right around 72 hours and still got pregnant and had a healthy baby boy 9 months later so u better take the pill ASAP if you don’t want a baby . That’s all

  22. Elizabeth says:

    I had unprotected s#x with my bf about 5 days before my period was supposed to start, I took plan b about two days later, I’m pretty sure he didn’t cum inside of me, but I took it anyways to be safe, well I never started my period, I’m a week late and I’m not sure i that’s just the plan b delaying my period or I I’m pregnant?…

  23. Shay says:

    I had unprotected s#x a day after I finished my period. I got my period the 7th of june and finished the 11th. I had sex with my boyfriend on the 12th and we used the pull out method way before. But I began to doubt the possibilities so I decided to take the plan b. So the 14th I took the full dose of plan b and around the 19th I was bleeding very light for 3 days. After, I stopped bleeding around the 21st. I’ve felt fine after that until now.. Im worried because its now July 13 and I haven’t got my period yet. Should I go take a test? I know that plan be can delay your period by a week or more. But Im so worried. What should I do? P.S I usually get cramps for three days before my period. Which I’ve had for three days in total now.. but no period?

  24. daiva says:

    Hi my last period was June 22. And I had unprotected s#x July 9th. I took plan b and then my bf said I can continue to.have s#x so five days later I took another plan b. On July 15 went to docs got a test it said negative. So am I neg or positive on being.pregnant

  25. Jay says:

    Okay I’m really worried so I took plan b originally February 27 of this year and it turned out fine and everything and now in June the condom broke and we bought a similar pill called my way (like plan b) but now I’m late on my period for 10 days and I took a pregnancy test on my 5th late day and also on the 7th late day and both said negative so idk if its because this is my second time taking it or if I should even worry about it or if I’m even pregnant HELP ME PLEASE

  26. micki says:

    Im in the same situation as you i took the pill 16 hours after sex on June 30th and i was suppose to get my period the 17th of July, my bf pointed me towards this website and says I’m ok but I’m just not sure. as of right now I’m just cramping and absolutely no sign of a period or spotting. My breasts are sore but do not look bigger. As of tomorrow i will be a week late from my expected period. Am i okay? Someone please respond because I’m really freaking out. I took next choice by the way which is the same i know but I’m really scared.

  27. LuLu Magoo says:

    I don’t know if anyone has had this issue, but on 5/27/13 I took the MAP, and should have gotten my period by 6/10 (I’m like clockwork. Instead my period was late by 13 days and still today 7/24/2013 I have my period. OMG! I am so uncomfortable and stressed out. My doctor says it’s normal so long as I’m not soaking and changing my pads every hour; which I am not. She says my body will regulate itself. By the 4th of July it was light but still there). I was excited two days ago because I finally saw nothing, but to my surprise – there it was again. So, I am going on a month straight now with my period, no sex with my husband (who’s freaking out because he wants the goods’ lol) UGH!!!!!!!!!!!! All this crap after taking one tiny pill. I mean REALLY! This is not my first time taking the pill, but it is definitely my first time going through this experience. Good luck ladies! :/

  28. Ana says:

    Plan B is exactly what it is named, a Plan B. Ladies please have a reliable form of birth control so you will not have to rely upon plan b. I took plan B less than 30 minutes after intercourse during which a small tear formed in the condom. I can say now, it probably wasn’t even needed, but my boyfriend and I wanted to be on the safe side. (I was taking antibiotics at the time, so I was not taking my regular birth control pill) My worst choice ever. Plan B delayed my period for four months. I’m 5’4 106 pounds but I normally handle meds very well… not plan B. I had cramping, back pain, nausea and all the ails that would get a woman into thinking she’s pregnant. And after 10 home pregnancy tests, a pelvic exam, 3 blood works, and several nights wondering what’s wrong, here’s Mother Nature again, as if she had never left.

  29. Bella says:

    My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex a week and two days after my period. Then two days later I felt like I was ovulating, a lot earlier than expected. The next day, now it’s been 3 days, I took Plan B One Step. After taking the pill, a week later I had my period, which is expected. On that pill expect a period or light bleeding a week after taken the pill, the hormones in the pills do that for many women. Since then I have not had my period. I am 5 days late for my period. I will let you guys know how long it will take me until my next period or if any chance I might be pregnant. My breasts have been hurting severely for a week and two days. So that might mean my period will come in couple of days but I’m not exactly positive. Reading so many posts I am not that worried. This pill has worked for numerous amounts of people. I would like to know if anyone at all have even gotten pregnant after using the pill?

  30. Ct.Angel says:

    Hi would someone please give me advise,so my bf came in me a week before my period then the next day I started using birth control my periods was due on the 25th July but then I got a yeast infection and got treated with antibiotics and a tab to insert in my vagina,I never got a period for july,i discovered dark brown discharge 4 2days in the 1st week of August den started bleeding watery blood and I’m now on 5th day of period,I had cramps headaches,hungry at midnight sometyms poor sleep or very tired,bloated I tool a home preg test before 5days after I missed my period and it was negative,can anyone tell me if the bc tabs delayed my period or was it the yeast infection???

  31. Momma duck says:

    People. You all sound very young. Honestly for those who are “pulling out” do yourself a favour and get condoms or get on the pill. That way you all don’t have to carry this stress and worry around with you for months ! I speak from experience :(

  32. Jess says:

    I took plan b on July 18 and a week later I bled for a few days. I am still waiting on my regular period now and it’s a few days late and I’m kinda feeling pregnany symptoms. I just had a baby last year… Kinda stressed now

  33. jessie says:

    I had my period august 4th & had it for about 5 days. I then had unprotected sex with my boyfriend the 13th of august. I took plan b the 14th, very next day. I then began bleeding the 21st of august for a couple of days. More of a brown blood. Does that mean will still get my period for september?

  34. kendra says:

    Ok so im a fifteen year old girl and im terrified. I gor my period the second to last week of august. The next week i was.. assaulted and it was my first time. My boyfriend bought me the plan b pill because he didnt want me to have that baby. The incident happened the last wednesday of august around 8 pm. I took the pill the next day probably mid afternoon. I didnt get that second period you guys talked about.. infact here i am seven weeks later and still nothing. Please help! I cant afford an abortion. But i cant tell my mom. Shes too religious. She’d disown me

  35. Jacky says:

    I had unprotected sex twice right after my period which was on the 8th of august and had sex on the 9 and 10 day. Then I took plan b on August 11 and I started to bleed a week after for five days and I just waited to get my period but so far nothing ;/ . I also feel like I’m going to get but instead I poop in the morning . I’m just REALLY WORRIED !!

  36. Kay says:

    I had my period on August 27th… Had sex on September 8th, condom slipped off…. Took morning after pill on September 9th. Spotted for two days starting the 17th…. Haven’t had a period yet, it’s October 22nd… My periods are usually spot on and only last two days… I took a pregnancy test a week and a half ago and it was negative…. Could it be just the pill?? My boyfriend is stressing, which has me stressing. I stay stressed which I know that doesn’t help…. Suggestions?? Should I go to the Dr?

  37. Maryam says:

    I had unprotect sex so I took plan b,5hr ltr I had unprotect sex again and I just took 2 pills then now I haven’t see my period

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