Getting Pregnant On Birth Control: Do’s & Don’ts

Getting pregnant is something that is inevitable when it gets its way. Even if a woman is taking Contraceptive medications such as taking Birth Control Pills, they are still 95%-99% effective. So it is still possible for a woman to get pregnant while she is regularly taking pills prescribed by the Doctor. Having Birth Control pills can be confounding as well, because it may cause irregular periods to occur, which is also a kind of pregnancy-like symptom.

To-Do-List : For Avoiding Pregnancy

  • It should be borne in mind that Birth Control effect may vary from individual to individual and should not be taken as a 100% effective method of avoiding pregnancy. So, before taking birth control pills, you should discuss it with your doctor that which contraceptive method would meet your needs the most.
  • Keep it in mind to take your pills regularly at the same time you take it each day. If you forget to take your pill for a day, it does not mean that you would get pregnant. But if you make it a habit of skipping your pills at intervals, the chances of you getting pregnant, even if on birth control, might increase considerably. So, if you forget to take your pill and have sex, use emergency contraception to avoid pregnancy.
  • If you are following Hormonal Contraception methods to avoid pregnancy, eg. Getting Hormonal injections, then don’t forget to take it on your prescribed day. If you do not the correct dose of hormones, it might increase your risk of getting pregnant.
  • Try to avoid medicines which could interfere with the proper working of your Birth Control Pills. Discuss it with your Doctor the medicines that you should avoid while on Pills.
  • It is preferred not to Smoke when you are following Hormonal Contraceptives.
  • If you are using Barrier Contraceptives such as IUD, you should not fotget to use it every time you have intercourse. If you have unprotected intercourse, your chances of getting pregnant becomes higher.

To-Do-List: For Getting Pregnant

  • Immediately stop taking Birth Control Pills, or wearing Birth Control Barrier during intercourse. If you are taking Birth Control medications for a reason other than avoiding pregnancy, such as, having medicines to relieve yourself from menstrual cramps, you should discuss with your doctors about alternative ways to address to your medical issue. Once you stop being on Contraception, your fertility would return to normal within few months.
  • If you are getting Hormonal injections, then you should stop it. You can wait for you first normal menstrual period, which indicates that you fertility has returned. This might take 3 months.
  • As your physician to remove you IUD or any other implanted birth control method. It may take few weeks or a month for your fertility to return.
  • Have intercourse with your partner just prior to or during your ovulation cycle, once your normal cycle resumes. Women having 28 day cycle ovulates on the 14th day. If you have any confusion regarding your ovulation cycle, you can calculate it using ovulation predictor, keep a tab of it, or even calculate it using calculators available on internet.
  • The most important aspect of getting pregnant and trying for a baby is that you should be extremely patient. Do not expect immediate news of pregnancy after discontinuing your birth control because it might take some time. If you do not get pregnant even within a year, you should immediately schedule an appointment with your physician and go ahead for fertility tests. Usually, being on birth control does not affect the fertility of a woman.

Early Signs of Pregnancy When on Birth Control:

  • Irregular Periods– If you note that you are having irregular periods, watch the duration of your periods and keep a tab on whether  the color of your periods is light or dark. If it is light in color, this might indicate that you are experiencing bleeding caused by implantation rather than having normal menstruation.  Implantation bleeding may be defined in layman terms, as bleeding caused as a result of fertilized egg being attached to the wall of the uterus. Implantation bleeding is one of the earliest sign of pregnancy which occurs 8-10 days after fertilization.
  • Cramps in the Abdomen– This is a symptom, which if experienced by you even while on birth control, raises red flags indicating that something is amiss. Lower abdominal cramps occur mostly during implantation of the egg. If you are a person who usually don’t experience cramps, but is getting lower abdominal cramps, it is time to get a pregnancy test done.
  • Tender Breasts– If your breast suddenly becomes sore, tender, or your nipples are getting sore and swelling, and the color of your areola has changed, this very well may be an indication that your birth control efforts have gone awry and you should pay a visit to your doctor immediately.
  • Fatigue– Being extreme weary and easily exhausted is another very common and early sign of pregnancy that can be experienced even if you are following a strict birth control regime. The reason for this fatigue can be explained as following: when the levels of progesterone(hormone) in your body increases, it may cause your body temperature to go up, which may be the cause of your weariness in the early stages of pregnancy. If you are usually a vibrant and energetic person, but you are suddenly noticing drop in your energy level, it could be a sign that your body is toiling hard by preparing itself to accommodate a new living space for the baby.
  • Nausea– If you are feeling nauseated suddenly, don’t think that it is induced by something as trivial as stale food or gas. Even a person as healthy as horse may get nauseous, even if it doesn’t induce vomiting. And this can be an indication that you might have entered the very first stage of pregnancy, as nausea is experienced usually in the 1st week of pregnancy.

So, if you are on the threshold of pregnancy, consider it a boon and welcome the new baby in your life. If you are not ready for a baby, try to follow stricter birth control regime, and you might succeed in your endeavor!

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