How to Avoid Pregnancy: A Simple Checklist

While the majority of individuals believe that the only effective way to avoid pregnancy is to remain abstinent, there are several other ways to avoid a life-changing surprise such as an unplanned pregnancy. Of course, there are several hundred forms of birth control that can be used, but also a few other methods that not many women, or men for that matter, are aware of. In today’s day and age, while surrounded by television shows that showcase teenage pregnancy or magazines that feature articles of miracle babies, elderly woman giving birth or the phenomenon of multiple births, it seems that there are not enough resources out there for those individuals looking to avoid pregnancy until they feel they are ready for the responsibility of parenting. In fact, not many resources outside a personal doctor’s visit may be available to you. For this reason, we have compiled a list of various ways for individuals to safely avoid pregnancy until they decide parenthood is right for them.

How to Avoid Pregnancy with Traditional Birth Control

At this point in medicinal advancement, there are nearly 200 different forms of birth control pills available on the market. Since every woman’s body is different, each of these pills contain a different amount of estrogen to accommodate the various body types, levels of health and personal intentions of the user accordingly. As many women start taking birth control at young ages, as they grow and their body matures, it is recommended to lower the estrogen dose in the birth control pills as they near the age they begin to think about starting their own family. Although all of these birth control forms are not 100% effective, using them as intended can decrease your chance of conceiving a child by 99.9% in most cases. Women who are using birth control for the sole reason of regulating their menstrual cycle should also be aware that although the majority of women are not able to conceive immediately after the stop taking the birth control pills, there is a percentage of women that are highly vulnerable to getting pregnant as soon as 20-30 days after their last pill.

Using Advanced Birth Control to Avoid Pregnancy

Since many women prefer not to take the traditional birth control pills, medical professionals have developed various alternative forms of protection such as IUD’s, The Ring, The Sponge and of course the old fashion yet still effective diaphragm method. Although each of these methods are different in their target methods, they all share one thing in common – they are inserted into the woman’s body for a duration of time, acting as an internal block mechanism to avoid conception. Some of these methods can be done in the privacy of your own home without the attention of a physician, however, such methods as the Norplant method, help women to prevent pregnancy on a more long-term basis and require a minor surgical procedure to implant the device. Another effective and more new-school method of birth control is the Depo-Provera shots that are injected into the body, usually by a physician every three months to avoid conception. Women who prefer to utilize this method should consult with their physician to reduce the risk of complication and long-term use. Studies have shown that by using this form of birth control, women are 75% more likely to become pregnant immediately after missing just one treatment, as well as discontinuing the use completely.

Birth Control Methods for Men

Although the majority of birth control methods are taken by women, there are methods that men can also utilize to avoid pregnancy as well. Condoms are the most convenient way for both men and women to work together to avoid unplanned pregnancy. A common misconception of society is that it is the responsibility of a man to be prepared with condoms when sexually active. However, it a joint efforts that can and should be utilized by both sexes equally. There are over 500+ different types of condoms on the market today to accommodate the various body types, preferences and allergies that individuals may have. Since many individuals, both male and female develop allergies to latex, there are a wide variety of sheep-skin condoms available to help avoid pregnancy just as effectively.

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