How Much Does Plan B Cost ?

We’ve already talked a lot about the benefits of Plan B, what it offers and what side effects you may encounter but we haven’t yet addressed one of the biggest questions many woman have about Plan B and that is, quite simply, what Plan B costs. I also feel it’s important to address how and where women are able to obtain Plan B so we’ll cover all of that in this article.

Plan B Cost

How much Plan B costs for you will depend on a great number of factors. At the top of that list is where you are located. The cost of Plan B pills varies significantly from state to state or from province to province so the first step in understanding how much Plan B costs for you is figuring out how much it costs in your area. I can’t possibly list firm figures here because just as Plan B costs vary from state to state they can also vary from city to city and store to store. If you want to know what cost you are looking at, you should speak with your doctor. Not only will your doctor be able to offer you a concrete figure on cost but they’ll be able to help you understand whether or not Plan B is the best option for you and help you understand your options should the treatment not work.

Before we continue on, I need to point out that you only have 72 hours after sexual intercourse to use Plan B if you want it to be effective. This might rule out a visit with your doctor. If you’re not able to get in to see your doctor, you can visit a clinic in your area if there is one available or you can talk to a pharmacist. Again, nurses or doctors at clinics will be able to help you figure out the cost of the treatment and will be able to offer you medical advice. Use the resources available to you to determine the best plan of action.

There are five different brands of Plan B pills on the market today. There can be a price difference between brands so if cost is an issue, ask your pharmacist for the least expensive option. This is generally a good rule of thumb for any medication if you are on a budget. Least expensive medications are usually every bit as effective as their more expensive counterparts so you don’t have to feel like you’re sacrificing quality in the quest to save money.

Where Can I Get Plan B?

Plan B is available at all major pharmacy chains. Grab a pen and a pad of paper, sit down by the phone and call all of the pharmacies in your area. Ask each pharmacy whether or not they have Plan B in stock, how much the cheapest option is and write down this information along with the location of the pharmacy. Pick the closest location with the least expensive option available if budget is an issue. Sometimes the cheapest option is also the one that requires a longer commute. Make sure you factor the commute into your budget. Gas is expensive. If there is no public transit option, the closer pharmacy may still be the better option.

Ella, one of the five Plan B treatments currently available, is offered via an online prescription service. The cost of the treatment and next day delivery is $40 but it is important to keep that 72 hour window of effectiveness in mind. If delivery will take you past – or even close to – the end of that window, you should consider another option or you could very well be wasting your money. Regardless, this can be a good option for those who act quickly.


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